We have a fantastic opportunity for you to make some extra cash. Top 10 Flowers are proud to be associated with a new internet company namely 'Typehere' who will pay you for your product reviews.

We've all bought products via the internet and come across the 'write a review' button and many of us do just that, so why not get paid for reviewing these products. Typehere will pay you ten pounds for every ten reviews you create, giving you some much needed extra cash in your pocket.

Typehere have a product base of in excess of three million items for you to review. Product lines vary greatly, everything from online flower and bouquet delivery to hampers and kitchen electricals, experience days and novelty gifts. You will find plenty of products that you are interested in to review.

The easiest way to review a product is to break your review down in to three sections, introduction, features and conclusion.
In your introduction it is advised that you specify what your intention was when you purchased the product. Was it a necessity, luxury or replacement.
Next specify any features that lead you to buying that particular product. Were there any special features that swayed your decision or did you require the very same features that were on your old model.
In conclusion you should specify what you love about this product and how practical it is.

You may have noticed that the three simple steps above do not cover any negativity about your product, the reason is Typrhere believe in 'positive publishing' and do not require negative comments.
If you are still interested in reviewing products for Typehere, you will need to know Typehere rules of submission.
1. Reviews must be original and only contain your own words. Copy and paste reviews are not an option and will be rejected. Typehere use Copyscape to check for originality.
2. All reviews submitted must contain at least 300 words.
3. As specifies above, submit positive reviews only please, you will NOT get paid for negative reviews.
4. You have to be a UK resident to submit reviews to Typehere.
Why not give Typehere reviewing a go, you've got nothing to loose and you could earn yourself some extra cash to spend on a little luxury for yourself.

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