Any Day is the Right Day for a Friendship Bouquet
It could be for the friend who just had a baby, the special pal who is celebrating a birthday, the woman who is recovering from surgery or your sister who has encountered a rough patch in her life. Perhaps you just want to tell a certain buddy just how important she is to you. No matter what the occasion, any day is the right day for a friendship bouquet. This array of pink and purple shades will dazzle and cheer any woman at any time. It is the perfect way to pick up a friend who is down or celebrate a special event with someone.

Adorned with pink gerbera daisies and carnations and plenty of purple petals and greens for contrast, this bouquet comes packaged in a water cube wrapped in pink and embellished with a large bow. The flowers are cut at their freshest point and packaged with care to ensure that your friend receives a bouquet that is fresh, colourful and fragrant. You can also opt to purchase a vase, teddy bear, chocolates or a balloon to make your friendship bouquet even more special for the recipient. The friendship bouquet comes in three sizes; small medium and large, so that you can find the perfect arrangement to suit your friend and your budget.

To keep your arrangement looking its best for as long as possible, immediately place flowers in a vase of lukewarm water and add the packet of floral preservative that comes with your bouquet. You can also cut each stem by just a bit and at an angle before placing in the vase. Change your water every day or two, and remove stems as they wilt and dry out. A fresh bouquet that is cared for properly should last for many days for your friend to enjoy.

A friendship bouquet of pink and purple is the perfect choice for a special friend any time. Whether you are celebrating a happy occasion, offering condolence and support during a difficult time or simply sending flowers "just because", this bright and cheerful arrangement is sure to fit the bill. Order your friendship bouquet today, and spread a bit of sunshine into the life of your favourite pal. There is no better way to let someone know that you are thinking of them than with a bouquet of fresh flowers.


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