A Rose by Any Other Name
For centuries, roses have been the flower of choice to say "I love you", "Congratulations", or "I'm sorry". They have been given in passion and in friendship; for weddings and for funerals. A beautiful rose bouquet has been and always will be the gift of choice for anniversaries and holidays of all kinds to commemorate a special person in your life. But the best way to give and get roses is when they are least expected - just because you want someone to know that she is important and loved.

Our 'Just Roses' bouquet will absolutely fit the bill, whether it is a special occasion to celebrate, or a "just because" gift out of the blue. This bouquet is a simple but elegant way to show someone you care about them. You can choose from a red, pink, yellow or white bouquet, depending upon the occasion and the recipient of your gift. Before ordering your flowers, it may be helpful to know which colour of flower is traditionally given for different occasions.

Red is the colour of choice to symbolize passion and romance, and is usually reserved for your special someone to convey love of the most intimate kind. Pink is also a colour of love, but on a more innocent, elegant level. It is also used to show admiration or honour to a person, like your mom on Mother's Day. Yellow is the traditional colour of friendship, and can be the perfect choice for a sister on her birthday or a friend who needs an extra bit of sunshine in her life. White is the colour of new beginnings, making them perfect for a bride. White roses are also used to remember someone special and important in your life.

No matter what message you want to send with your 'Just Roses' bouquet, we've got you covered with a choice for any occasion or recipient. You can also choose to add chocolates, a balloon or a teddy with your gift for an extra charge. Send the roses alone or in a beautiful vase that makes display even easier for your recipient. There is no better way to make someone special in your life feel even more so than with a beautiful bouquet of these elegant, fragrant stems delivered right to her door. No matter what the occasion or who you are sending them to, you can find the perfect bouquet with 'Just Roses'.



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