Oriental Orchids: The Elegant Choice for Anyone and Any Occasion
If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life, flowers may have come to mind. However, you are searching for something unique, perhaps a bit exotic, so the idea of roses or a traditional bouquet just aren't going to cut it. We have the perfect suggestion for you; a vase filled with ten long-stemmed dendrobium orchids in a glorious fuscia colour to delight the heart of any friend, family member or special someone.

This arrangement straight from the Orient is the perfect blend of delicate beauty and elegant luxury. The orchids in this bouquet are grown in Thailand and are known for their strong, long-lasting blooms. Your recipient will be able to enjoy her flowers for a number of weeks; much longer than the life expectancy of many other types of floral arrangements.

To make this special gift even more unique, you will receive a free gift of chocolates with your flower order. You can also choose to purchase additional embellishments for your bouquet, including a special occasion card, birthday cake, additional Belgian chocolates, a loveable teddy or a handcrafted candle gift with your arrangement. And although this arrangement comes in a single size, you can purchase five additional flower stems to enlarge the bouquet for a nominal fee.

The dendrobium orchid comes from the second largest genus of all orchids, consisting of more than 1000 different species. The flowers include many brilliant hues, including red, yellow, orange and this bright fuscia colour that makes a breathtaking arrangement all by itself. The dendrobium orchid can grow in a number of different types of habitats, and Asia is one of the most popular regions for this particular flower. The dendrobium orchid has a fragile beauty that belies its hardiness and long blooming ability.

No matter who you choose to send this bouquet of Oriental Orchids to; you can rest assured that your recipient will be enjoying her blooms for many days and weeks to come. Simply clip the stems of your flowers by approximately inch before placing in water and keep away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Your delicate fuscia blooms are sure to be a day brightener for your special recipient for some time. Spread the love with this exotic and beautiful arrangement of Oriental Orchids today.



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