Show your Love with Simple Elegance: Una Rosa for your Amour
There are many ways to say "I love you" to a special someone, but none are as beautifully simple as the Una Rosa arrangement offered here. One single rose stem is nestled among a variety of foliage and presented in a ceramic vase to show that person how important she is to you. To make your gift even more special, you can add a fuzzy Gund teddy, a box of Swiss chocolates or a heart shaped balloon. You can also switch out the ceramic vase for a glass one for a nominal charge if you prefer. This rose comes in a variety of colours (red, white, pink, yellow and orange), so you can send the proper message to your recipient.

A single red rose will convey love and passion to the person who receives it, making it the perfect colour choice for the love of your life. White roses have long been thought to symbolize purity and new starts; the rose of choice for new brides. Pink signifies grace and elegance, and is the perfect colour to bring to a new love or a person that you appreciate deeply. The yellow rose of sunshine and good cheer has always been related to friendship, and is a good shade to send to a sister or mother. Orange roses are the less common symbol of passion and desire, ablaze with energy and excitement. No matter what message you would like to convey to your recipient, you can find the right rose colour with the Una Rosa collection.

A single rose stem has traditionally been a beautifully simple way to convey your thoughts and feeling to a special someone. Our roses are harvested at the peak of freshness, to ensure that your recipient has many days of enjoyment from her lovely bouquet. To ensure that the flower and foliage last as long as possible, as soon as you receive your arrangement, cut your stem at a diagonal about inch on the bottom. Immerse the stem in lukewarm water, and be sure to add the flower preservative that comes with the bouquet. Keep your rose out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, and change the water every day or two. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy your Una Rosa arrangement for many days after receiving it.

Roses are the perfect way to tell someone that she is loved and appreciated. Isn't it time to honour a special woman in your life? Order the Una Rosa arrangement today, and spread the joy.



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